Our Mission

GENESYS is a society of students and researchers based out of Carleton University with an interest in tackling

leading edge problems in the domain of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and bioinformatics. Unlike a traditional student club

or society, we have an underlying mission: to improve on state-of-the-art technologies through collaboration and consultation with

experts in academia and industry. We act as a platform for technological innovation and maintain a network of outstanding scientists and engineers

who are eager to apply their skills to real-world problems and push their abilities to their limits.

Open Build Service (OBS)


Community is everything! We consist of developers, designers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and individuals from many discplines. The collective efforts of the members of our community is the core of Genesys's existence.



Our goals is to faciliate the research and development of neurotech, neuroscience and genomics. As a club focused on domains that are rapidly growing, we strongly value learning, educating and sharing.



Genomics and neuroscience are growing fields with many challenges. Can we utilize newer AI techniques to solve these challenges? How can we improve brain-computer-interfaces? What is deep learning? Questions like these makes us excited and we want to make it easier for passionate students to innovate in these areas!


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